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”Using Mission IELTS to find solutions for your students’ problems with IELTS”

Mission IELTS provides students in all aspects of their preparation for taking the IELTS exam. Mission IELTS 1 is for use with students aiming to achieve IELTS band 5-6.5, while Mission IELTS 2 is designed for students aiming to achieve band 6.5 or above. Each unit of the series is based around a different topic and has separate sections on vocabulary, a language skill, grammar as well as IELTS practice tests provided at regular intervals. The books contain realistic speaking tasks, listening and reading texts from a wide variety of authentic sources typical of the IELTS exam, lexical exercises activating essential vocabulary areas. In this way Mission IELTS aims not just to provide students with exam practice but also to develop students’ language proficiency, an essential ingredient for success in the IELTS exam. Exam practice sections in Mission IELTS include extensive tips helping students with exam preparation and exam-taking strategies. A Teacher’s book contains not just answers to exercises and tests but also suggestions for alternative ways of carrying out the books’ activities and information on how the exam is graded, thus providing solid support for the IELTS teacher.

21 ноября состоялся семинар на тему
”Using Mission IELTS to find solutions for your students’ problems with IELTS”.
Семинар провела всемирно известный автор Mary Spratt.

Mary Spratt is an ELT consultant, trainer and writer with experience of working in many countries round the world. She works in teaching, teacher development, and ELT research, is the author/ co-author of various ELT course books and supplementary materials, and works on Cambridge Assessment’s qualifications for teachers. With Bob Obee she has co-authored Express Publishing’s Mission IELTS 1 and Mission IELTS 2.

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