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Parks and monuments of Volgograd

Абрамова Камилла Арменовна
Абрамова Камилла Арменовна
8 «в» класс МОУ гимназия №4
Ворошиловского района г. Волгограда
Учитель английского языка: Гайдей Елена Робертовна

Занималась танцами, в настоящее время увлекаюсь пением и иностранными языками, люблю читать классическую литературу.

I live in a big and glorious city. It stands on the bank of the beautiful River Volga. But the greatest thing, that our city has got some unusual and fascinating parks and monuments which are very popular among the citizens. The most attractive is Entertainment Sakura Park. This park is the local residents’ favourite place for rest and relaxation. It is especially attractive in spring and summer when the trees are in blossom. Here you can watch the Bench of Proposals. If you sit on it and make a wish, you’ll soon be engaged or get married. Your most cherished dreams and hopes will come true if you come through the Arch of Love and tie a ribbon on the fence. The Fountain of Lovers that is not far from the park is a very romantic place. This place is always crowded with newlyweds. They come here to swear to allegiance. The tradition is becoming more and more popular.
Sasha Philipov’s Park is fun fairs where children find swings, merry-go-rounds, play grounds and what not. Trees, bushes and flower beds make this park an enjoyable place for many people living nearby and for those who come to rest and relax there. In the center of the park there is the Statue of Angel. It’s lovely and fascinating. If a young woman touches its wings, she’ll be pregnant.
If you plan to go to Volgograd one day, you should visit and see these places with your own eyes!


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